Prism Real Estate Group's Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Jamaica Plain

Prism Real Estate Group's Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Jamaica Plain

When it comes time to sell your home, you don't want it to be one of the Jamaica Plain houses for sale that get lost in the crowd. You want multiple showings of your home each day and your choice of offers to get the best price and terms possible.

You might think it's a matter of the current market or fate, but you can affect the interest in your home and the final price you receive. With a little hard work and preparation, you can make your home a bright star in the current Jamaica Plain real estate market.

Prepare your home to go on the Jamaica Plain area real estate market

When you begin to prepare your home to go on the market, it's beneficial to start on the outside. You only have one shot at making a great first impression, and this means you need curb appeal.

Start by having the outside of your home professionally pressure washed and the outside windows cleaned. It's also beneficial to hire a professional landscaper to turn your yard into a beautiful green space. At this point, you might consider repainting the shutters and windows on your home.

When you move inside your home, you'll want to stage it. This means creating an interior that appeals to the highest number of potential buyers. You don't need to have any major renovations done because while they're a good investment if you plan to live in your home, they aren't when you plan to sell immediately.

It's essential at this time that you make any necessary repairs and declutter your home. You want to pay special attention to your closets and cabinets to make sure potential buyers see lots of space, and yes, people will snoop in your closet and drawers when viewing your home.

A storage unit might be needed to house the clutter you remove from your home. You also need to take away any large pieces of furniture or excess pieces that make your home or a particular room look overcrowded.

You might need to rent furniture that highlights the available space. Removing any personal photos and personalization from the house is also beneficial. It helps potential buyers picture themselves living in the space.

If you're unsure of what steps to take, you might consider reaching out to the real estate agent with whom you plan to list the home and get their opinion. They understand the nuances of the local real estate market.

Retain the services of a real estate agent

With your home all spiffed up, it's time to find the right real estate agent to sell your home. There are many Boston real estate agents out there, but they aren't all the same.

You want a seasoned real estate agent who understands the nuances of the market. Remember, the real estate market is also separated by the types of property and neighborhoods. For example, if you have a Jamaica Plain condo, you want to find an agent with experience selling them.

You need to take the time to research your options and interview your potential agents. The agent should welcome any questions you might have about their experience and success record. They should also freely offer you references and provide you with a history of their sales.

The right real estate agent works hard for you and helps to make the process of selling your home as seamless as possible. It's also a good idea to choose an agent that you feel most comfortable with handling the sale of your home.

Determine an asking price

Before listing your home on the real estate market, you need to determine the asking price. Your real estate agent should pull comparable properties that have recently sold in your area to use as a starting point.

While you aren't guaranteed to get your asking price, it's a starting point. You might get less, or there might be a bidding war for your home, and you end up with more money than you expected.

You want to make sure that your asking price is competitive in the current market. When you price your home too high, you won't have many prospective buyers view your home. If the price is too low, buyers might assume there's a problem with the home.

Selecting an asking price for your home is a delicate balance, and you want to find the sweet spot. A real estate agent understands the market and can guide your decision, but in the end, the decision is yours alone.

Keep your home ready to show

Once your home is on the market, you never know when a real estate agent is going to show up at your home with a prospective buyer. Most agents will call ahead, but you might only get a 10 to 15-minute period to ready your home and leave.

This means you won't have time to pick up the kid's toys or wash your dishes from last night's dinner. After your home is listed and before you have an accepted offer, you need to live in your home like someone is arriving in the next half an hour.

Start each morning by vacuuming and dusting. You want to keep your children's clutter under control. If you have pets, it's beneficial to send them to a friend's or neighbor's home during this time period because it's best to eliminate any evidence of them.

Negotiate and accept an offer

You might get one offer, or you might get half a dozen offers. When your real estate agent receives a written offer for your home, they'll call you to discuss the price and terms the potential buyer is offering. It's rare that you'll receive an offer that has everything you wanted in it.

You're faced with three choices. You can accept the offer as it is, provide a counteroffer, or reject it entirely. This is where your real estate agent's negotiating skills are tested.

Offers and counteroffers can go back and forth an unlimited amount of times until an offer is accepted or rejected. If you're lucky enough to have multiple offers, you'll need to deal with them one at a time. You can only sell your home to one buyer.

Go through an inspection and an appraisal


Between accepting an offer and closing on your home, there are some tasks that need to be completed. The buyer and their mortgage company will have an inspection and appraisal done on your home.

During the inspection, there might be some issues that come to light. This can be anything from minor repairs that you can easily complete to major work that needs to be done on your roof. The buyer might use these issues to get a lower price. Your real estate agent will help you navigate these issues.

The appraisal is for the mortgage broker. They need to know that the property is worth the money they are putting up. If the home doesn't appraise for as much as it's selling for, the buyer will need to put up additional funds or back out of the sale.

Once again, your agent can help you understand the issues and what's going on. In the worst-case scenario, the sale falls through, and you're forced to start over finding a buyer. Depending on the contract, you might be entitled to earnest money.

Close on your home

When you finish the inspection and appraisal, and the buyer completes their mortgage details, everyone meets on the closing date agreed upon in the final offer on the home. This is usually done in an attorney's office, and their office generated the paperwork and verified a clean title on your home.

You'll sign all the paperwork, and the buyer does as well. You'll hand over the keys to the home and receive a check minus any money owed on your mortgage. The sale is complete.

Discover the real estate agent you need to sell your home

Not all Boston real estate agents provide the same level of service and dedication for selling your home. This makes it beneficial to find an agent who listens to your needs and works tirelessly to get your home with the best terms and final price.

Prism Real Estate Group works with homeowners like you and helps them realize their goals for selling their homes, and they can do the same for you. You want to retain a premier realty group in Boston to ensure you and your home get the attention you deserve. Reach out to us today for a consultation.


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