Must-Have Tools We Use to Sell Your Home Faster

Must-Have Tools We Use to Sell Your Home Faster

Back Bay is a stunning neighborhood in Boston. The neighborhood is a lovely place to live, boasting cobblestone sidewalks, small winding streets, beautiful, historical brownstone homes with wrought iron fences and enclosed gardens, and Back Bay condos with ultramodern amenities and features. Residents enjoy a walkable neighborhood filled with private and public parks. The neighborhood is quaint and historical but also has a vibrant side and is filled with eclectic, locally owned shops and plenty of high-end restaurants featuring New American cuisine as well as international options.

Back Bay is well-connected to the rest of the city and is close to numerous public transportation options, including shuttles, buses, and trains. Back Bay is home to an Amtrak station, connecting Boston with the rest of the greater New England area, including New York City, which is only a short train ride away.

If you’re thinking of selling your slice of Back Bay real estate, you might be wondering how to get started. Our guide will walk you through the must-have tools we can utilize to sell your home fast and get the best offer possible.

Work with a great agent

Working with a great real estate agent is one of the most important steps to selling your home. Real estate agents are professionals whose expert advice and knowledge of the local market can be used as a guide to ensure your home-selling process is as smooth as possible. With an agent by your side, you’ll price your home fairly and competitively, prepare your home for buyers, and create the perfect listing. Your real estate agent will likely have connections with other industry professionals, such as agents who may be working with motivated buyers.

Working with the right real estate agent is the most important step in selling your home. The team at Prism Real Estate Group is one of the best in the Boston area, and they are ready to help you with all your home-selling needs. Their first-rate tools and indispensable strategies will ensure your home sells fast and at a great price.

Hire a professional stager

Working with a great stager is one of the most important tools in your real estate agent’s toolbox. Stagers are design professionals that can help transform your space into the perfect home for buyers. Stagers will work with you to declutter your home and remove any personal belongings you may have. Although photographs and children’s artwork often make a home special, you’ll want to remove these items during staging to create a neutral space that makes it easier for buyers to envision living there.

You will collaborate with your stager and agent to choose furniture and art that complements the interior of your home and creates a timeless design that buyers love. Simple changes to your home, such as furniture rearrangement, can help show off its large, open floor plan. Your real estate agent will be able to connect you to the best stagers in the area and create a look that attracts the best buyers.

Utilize professional photos

Once your home is staged, you’ll want to ensure it's professionally photographed. These well-lit photos will do your listing wonders when attracting buyer interest. While everyone likely has a smartphone equipped with a camera, it’s best to work with your real estate agent and hire a professional photographer. Professional photographers can find the best angles, lighting, and shots to capture the beauty of your home accurately. Your photographs should show off your home’s best amenities and create a dazzling picture to entice buyers.

Making a fabulous first impression with buyers is essential; most of the time, the first impression will be through your listing photographs. This is why it is necessary to work with your real estate agent to hire a great photographer.

Offer video tours

Another great tool real estate agents use to help sell a home is by adding a video tour to the client’s listing. By having a video tour, buyers can see the home’s flow and layout. This can be especially important for buyers from out of town who are considering relocating to the area. Another great option to include in your listing is a neighborhood video tour. This will help buyers better explore amenities, the location of neighborhoods, and the overall vibe of the area. Talk with your real estate agent for recommendations on professional videographers.

Organize an amazing open house

One of the best tools for selling a home is creating a show-stopping open house. Your real estate agent will organize open house events and show off your property, creating a buzz that attracts buyers. Ideally, your real estate agent will use their industry connections to advertise the property. Discuss with your real estate agent if you should develop a creative theme for your open house. For example, if you have a lovely outdoor space, the theme of your open house might be a garden party. During the open house, your agent will be there to answer any questions buyers may have and promote your home’s best amenities.

Connect with the community

To successfully sell your home fast and at top dollar, you’ll want to ensure your agent has connections within the community. Don’t just wait for potential buyers to seek you out; you want to actively search for those interested in your property, even if it requires your agent to tap into their network to find interested parties.

If you’re ready to sell your home, work with the talented group of Boston real estate agents at the Prism Real Estate Group. Here, you’ll find a skilled team of agents ready to help you find the home of your dreams. Contact them today to start the process of selling your home or buying a new property. Wherever your real estate journey takes you, Prism Real Estate Group is here to provide support every step of the way.


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