How Professional Photography Can Be Your Secret Weapon

How Professional Photography Can Be Your Secret Weapon

While there are plenty of homeowners who manage to sell their homes on their own with photos snapped using a smartphone, you could find yourself making less of a deal than expected. That alone makes careless photos not worth the risk.

It’s especially risky if yours is a high-end home in one of the most desired areas of the country. A luxury home commands the use of a great photographer to cement the sale. As an entry point, photos are everything.

A professional photographer can show a home at its best, which is why most savvy real estate agents will have professionals on hand to snap the most attention-grabbing shots possible.

First impressions are everything

A photograph is usually the first view of your home that potential buyers get, and smart Boston real estate agents understand that the first view should be the ultimate in breathtaking beauty.

Just like a model knows how to find the light or understands her best side, so will a professional photographer know how to photograph your home. They will offer tips on how to make it even more appealing and easier to successfully shoot.

Some things to consider include:

  • Remove clutter. You may love trinkets, but a potential buyer might take a page from the Marie Kondo handbook and only display the things they like, creating cleaner lines and less stuff to dust. Don’t distract by leaving too many items on display.
  • Stage your home. By removing personal elements, such as family photographs, and arranging furniture in a way that allows a potential buyer’s imagination to soar, you’re creating an opportunity for them to see the home as their own.
  • Don’t forget to stage outdoors, as well. Make sure lawns are well manicured, gardens are free from weeds, the pool is clean, outdoor seating has plush cushions, and other elements are in place to create warmth and ambiance.
  • Wash the windows. Remove heavy curtains and wash your home’s windows – or, hire someone to take on this monumental task – because clean windows let in the light, and bright, airy homes are more inviting to buyers.
  • Create a dynamic dining room table setting. Nothing says home like a beautiful dining room, and a photo of an elegant table setting can give clients good feelings before they enter the home. When they see the same setting in person, they will feel more at home because the photo gave them a sense of familiarity.
All of these tricks will also make it easier for your professional photographer to capture the best looks within your home, and for your Boston realtors to make a quicker sale.

Photos make it easier for buyers

Because the home search starts online for most buyers, a great photo of one of your home’s many special features can capture the attention of a potential buyer enough for them to schedule a visit or attend an open house. Providing quality photos is a convenience to buyers in that they can decide right from their own homes if yours might be one of interest.

Sell your home quickly and for more money

While you will spend a bit in order to hire a photographer, experts say that you can make thousands more dollars on a sale – one study suggested that a professionally-photographed home can make as much as 47 percent more per square foot than a home without professional shots. For a multi-million-dollar property such as South End real estate, that’s no small change.

The same experts say you can sell your home much faster using professional photographs, whether photos give viewers a good look at your home’s curb appeal or explore the high-end kitchen’s butcher block countertops.

A faster sale and more money? Yes, please.

Not every room needs a photo

There are some areas of your home that won't benefit your marketing plan, so smart Boston real estate agents will avoid showing them until an open house has already caused a potential buyer to fall in love.

By that point, the unfinished basement or smallest of bedrooms are less of an unsavory element and can be envisioned as a gym, a craft room, an extra closet, and so much more.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and a poor one can also be worth thousands of dollars because it could derail a sale before a physical viewing. Avoid overdoing it, and allow the photographer to take the lead when showing off the best shots.

You can create a brand

When it comes to real estate sales, it’s all about the listing, and agents who use the same professional photographer for all their listings – whether for a piece of prestigious Fort Hill real estate or a downtown Boston condo – can create a brand by providing a specific look for all their listings.

Just as a writer’s words become familiar, a photographer’s work, whether through the use of highly saturated color or certain artistic angles, can also become familiar. So when someone sees a home from a certain photographer, they will eventually connect it to the agency. When dealing with reputable agents, that’s always another positive sign for buyers.

If you’re in the market to sell your Boston-area home, check out the expert agents at Prism Real Estate Group. They can help you choose the right photographer and guide you in every other step of the selling process.


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